Long Bay Hills is the oldest planned subdivision on Providenciales. It was surveyed by Bengt Soderqvist, and a friend of his, back in 1967. Bengt was, and still is with Atlanta based Provident Ltd. and Blue Hills Ltd. which is the ´Provo´ arm of the company. They were given a mandate by the Turks & Caicos government to create one acre lots inland and two acre lots on the beach.

Long Bay Hills is a 1201.1 acre ´suburb´ of approximately 860 lots and fifty nine acres of designated green space. Three of those green spaces are beach accesses. Acre for acre, Long Bay has more green spaces than any other developed area on Provo. The highest elevation in the area is on Sea Sage Hill Road where the ridge reaches the dizzying height of 71 feet.

Since the subdivision was approved in August 1967, some of the lots have been subdivided, but the majority remain one or two acre plots.

The area is definitely off the beaten path and many of the properties have views of the Caicos Banks or overlook the Long Bay canal and salinas. Flamingoes, pelicans and sandpipers, along with migrating tropic birds, share the waterfront with residents.

There is a comprehensive, but in places rough road system and at this time there is only one access road into and out of the subdivision - the Long Bay Hills Highway. This highway was paved in the spring of 2010, along with a short section of Seasage Hill Rd and .3 miles of Long Bay Beach Dr. In 2015 a portion of Banana Patch Lane was paved, also with Association funds, to prevent erosion to the main highway, from storm runoff. In 2014 most of Lignum Vitae Dr. was paved, through a private initiative of homeowners of beachfront lots.  

Almost all of the lots are zoned for single residential units and those on the beach have restrictive covenants preventing highrise development. Currently (February 2017) there are approximately 200 completed homes in Long Bay, and another 15-20 under construction.

City water (piped in) and power poles are in place along Long Bay Hills Highway and several of the more developed side roads in the development. The only commercial establishments are the Caicos Marina and Shipyard, established in 1988, and Provo Ponies. The marina is the home of the Turks & Caicos Marine Police and many private yachts. Several charter companies and dive operators keep their boats at the marina.

Historical Note: In 1968, the tract land lots (no view, no elevation) in Long Bay Hills were being sold for $700.00 an acre, with one percent down and one percent a month payment, at an interest rate of 4.9 percent. Times have changed.

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